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STATFOR user group workspace

A collaborative and secure environment provided for the members of the STATFOR user group.

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To allow for a secure exchange of documents and feedback as part of the regular meetings of the STATFOR user group, we have set up an online workspace where members can collaborate quickly and efficiently. The platform allows users to exchange information and documentation.

About the user group

Our statistics and forecasts service is discussed and reviewed by the STATFOR user group, a body of European forecasting and statistical experts that meets on a regular basis. At these meetings, experts discuss methodological and practical aspects of statistics and forecasting. They also exchange views and information on the current and possible future situation of air traffic in Europe and on activities in national administrations, international organisations and elsewhere in the field of statistics and forecasting.

Access conditions

Access to the workspace is only granted to members of the STATFOR user group.

Request access

To access the workspace, users should:

  1. Register to OneSky Online
    You can register to OneSky Online in a few minutes and this will allow you to access this and many other EUROCONTROL tools.
  2. Request access
    Once you have registered, contact us to request access to the group via the page's contact form. Your request will be vetted and you will receive confirmation that you can now access the workplace. The time this takes depends on the team in charge and the process applied.
  3. Log in
    When you have received your confirmation, log in and click on the group name listed in your teams. 

Register to OneSky Online


If you are experiencing issues with accessing or using the tool, please contact us by using our page's contact form.