Aerodrome adverse weather remains the main reason for air traffic flow management delay at European airports. While we cannot control the weather, the aviation community can improve the operational response to adverse weather effects on aerodrome operational capacity - improving efficiency and sustainability of air traffic.

The SMART Weather Task Force was set up to identify harmonised operational best practices that facilitate the handling of adverse weather in a collaborative manner whilst minimising the disruption to airport and network operations. The Task Force is part of the EUROCONTROL Airport Operations Team (AOT) work plan, working on “Harmonised Procedures for airports with similar operational environment” as part of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s Operational Excellence Programme. It consists of airspace users of low cost, scheduled airline carriers, and charter airlines; air navigation service providers and flow management position; national meteorological (MET) service providers; airport slot coordinators, and EUROCONTROL data scientists.

The Task Force is co-chaired by EUROCONTROL and A4E, the airline association.

Access conditions

Access to the task force group page is restricted to the members under the Network Manager working arrangements. 

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