Airport Operations Team

Airports are key actors in the European ATM network and as such, they need to be part of the decision-making processes affecting them.

How can I join?
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At EUROCONTROL, we have set up the Airport Operations Team (AOT) – a consultation and coordination forum where members can voice their needs as part of the network, discuss operational issues and agree on priorities and solutions. EUROCONTROL’s Airport Operations Team (AOT) gathers well over 100 representatives from airports, international organisations, air navigation service providers, slot coordinators, industry and civil aviation authorities.

The EUROCONTROL Network Manager provides updates on the latest developments relevant to airport operations as well as new tools and best practice to support airport operations in Europe.

Aviation Stakeholders from all EUROCONTROL Member States are welcome to join.


The AOT meets at least twice a year to share best practices and data, work together on issues relating to performance, sustainability, connectivity and innovation and agree on the services which the EUROCONTROL Network Manager should provide to airports. Regular meetings ensure a consolidated and coordinated approach to airport network efficiency and provide operational stakeholders with access to EUROCONTROL’s solutions, services and studies.

Meetings planned in 2024:

AOT 27 16-17 May

AOT 28 12-13 November

How can I join?

In order to join the Airport Operations Team please send an information about nomination to [email protected] with the contact details of the nominee(s) (one member and one alternate, if needed) and confirmation that he/she is mandated to speak on behalf of your organization for the matters relating to the AOT proceedings.

We will then contact you and your nominated expert(s) with further details and provide you with the access to the AOT SharePoint website.