Use cases

Implementing user-driven prioritisation process at Zurich airport

User-driven prioritisation process (UDPP) allows airspace users to minimise the impact of delay in capacity constraint situations. The UDPP process solves a capacity constraint by attributing ground delays based on airspace user preferences.

During the lifetime of such a UDPP-based regulation, airspace users can modify their preferences, leading to a changed arrival sequence in the congested airspace (or airport).

“Swiss International Air Lines is looking for any possibilities to minimize the impact of delay in capacity constraint situations. We asked EUROCONTROL to collaborate and assist in the validation of real-time simulation for Zurich arrival regulation, where we can modify our preferences, leading to a changed arrival sequence. The UDPP concept would be a realistic solution for constraint simulations. INNOVE can enable this simulation. SWISS in collaboration with Skyguide and thanks to the fruitful and efficient cooperation between us and EUROCONTROL, we are satisfied with the level or realism and with the evidence of operational impact for all stakeholders.”

André Rungger Manager Operation Research & Air Traffic Management, Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.

At a glance


movements at LSZH


flights in measured arrival constraint


movements by SWISS

Demonstrating the impact of UDPP

SWISS and Skyguide are studying the possibility to apply the UDPP concept at Zurich airport (LSZH) in a short time frame.

In order to assess the impact of the airspace user actions on the daily work of the Skyguide Flow Manager (responsible for the resolution of hotspots), the validation platform INNOVE was used to simulate a realistic capacity constraint situation at Zurich Airport. It allowed both ANSP and Airspace User actors to use UDPP in a realistic operational environment. Skyguide as well as Swiss were satisfied with the level of realism and with the evidence of operational impact on both actors.

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