Use cases

Helping FABEC CWEST improve their airspace design

FABEC CWEST approached us to assist with validating improvements to their airspace design network in a very dense and complex core area.

Careful planning and preparation

Together, we needed to determine whether the FABEC CBAL/CW STEP 2 solution was workable for civil ATCOs and military fighter controllers. To prepare the ground, we carried out two prototype sessions in December 2013.

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Multi-actor contributions for large-scale simulations

By March 2014, we were ready to complete 2 large-scale RT stimulations over a 2-week period with the help of 40 ATCOs from 6 civil ACC and military controllers from RNLAF and GAF. To cover a wide range of essential traffic situations, we simulated 7 organisations over 21 simulations.

“The ESCAPE platform gives the opportunity to execute large scale simulations, not possible anywhere else, but even more important is the flexibility”

Dinand Abels RTS project manager, FABEC

Comprehensive feedback for a powerful validation case

To ensure comprehensive feedback, we also completed questionnaires and debriefings focusing on subjective controller performance (workload and situation awareness) and operational issues relating to the robustness of the proposed airspace design. Nearly all elements of the airspace design, sector layout and procedures proved successful.

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