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Assessing the feasibility of Time Based Separation

EUROCONTROL simulation capability and platform for experimentation

As part of a SESAR research and development project, we are working closely with four major partners - Vienna, Paris CDG, Copenhagen and Zurich - to implement time based separation (TBS). The aim of TBS is to reduce the gap in landing rates with light and strong headwind to maximise airport capacity and limit airborne holding delays.

Customised simulation tools

To validate the feasibility of this change, we adapted our simulation platforms (eDEP and ESCAPE) to include the leading optimised runway delivery (LORD) tool, which provides all the TBS functionalities required by the European Commission. Thanks to our extensive Base of Aircraft Data, we were able to successfully simulate the landing performance of any aircraft.

“The LORD concept is experiencing a huge success among the airports that already launched implementation projects and the simulations supporting the projects are proving to be very good and useful.”

Ready for implementation

Simulations have so far been successful and our next stage is implementation. To further optimize TBS, Copenhagen also decided to interconnect the system with the cockpit – a group of pilots came to our Experimental Centre near Paris to participate in RTS simulations and provide valuable feedback.

“Naviair and Copenhagen Airport are leaders in the implementation of a Final Approach Spacing Tool. The work done by EUROCONTROL gives us the ideal validation platform and a mature product that we can use for local adaptation.”

Peter Eriksen Project lead, Naviair

Simulation at Copenhagen airport

See how our time based separation (TBS) and performance based navigation (TBN) simulation at Copenhagen airport went.

Dynamic industry-wide collaboration

As well as collaborating with airports and ANSPs, we also worked in partnership with leading ATM solution provider Thales to provide a dedicated operating system capable of delivering the required separation minima between aircraft.

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EUROCONTROL simulation capabilities and platform for experimentation


Early demonstration and evaluation platform

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