Helping CANSO leaders to support human performance

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EUROCONTROL facilitates an interactive session on the vital subject of human performance at CANSO’s annual Global Summit and AGM.

With around 90% of world air traffic handled by CANSO ANSP members, CANSO’s annual Global Summit and AGM, held this year on 17 to 19 June in Geneva, is a major event, bringing under one roof over two hundred C-level leaders of airlines, airports and ATM.

This year, EUROCONTROL was invited to facilitate a 75 minute interactive session with aviation industry leaders, on human performance. Dr Steven Shorrock from the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s Safety Unit chaired the session. He started with the origins of Human Factors Engineering in the 1940s, before going on to talk about the role of human performance in flight QF32 and the applications of Human Factors and human performance management to healthcare. Neil May, Head of Human Factors at NATS, went further into human performance and the CANSO Standard of Excellence (developed initially by EUROCONTROL/FAA AP15).

A panel session included four ANSP leaders from different CANSO Regions: Alex Bristol (skyguide), Graeme Sumner (Airways New Zealand), Thomas Kgokolo (ATNS, South Africa), and Major Brigadier Walcyr Josué de Castilho Araujo (DECEA, Brazil).

Questions to the panel included:

  1. In your role as CEO, how do you get to understand the concerns and dilemmas of staff when it comes to support for human performance?
  2.  What kinds of things are done in your organisation to make it easy for front line staff to do the right thing, and hard to do the wrong thing?
  3. If you had to explain to a neighbour about why your organisation was safe, and the role of human performance in keeping the organisation safe, what would you say?

Questions from the industry leaders in the room covered listening to staff, the availability of HF practitioner support, refresher training and current challenges for human performance management.

Overall, CANSO members and leaders greatly appreciated the session, with Simon Hocquard, Director General of CANSO, underlining that the main message has been “to help CANSO Members better understand that Human Performance Management is about making it easy for people to do the right thing and hard for them to do the wrong thing, which really resonated with the audience."

Simon Hocquard added: "Additionally, I very much appreciate the support EUROCONTROL continues to provide in the CANSO safety arena. The CANSO/EUROCONTROL partnership is an important aspect of how we collectively push the boundaries into new safety performance areas, and is mutually beneficial to both organisations."