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Network traffic was at 99% of pre-pandemic levels in Week 22, with total daily flights growing week on week from 31,658 in Week 21 to 32,504 in Week 22 – pushing total flights for the year over the 4 million mark to stand at 4,098,771 year-to-date as of Sunday 2 June.

Growth was steady across most States, airlines and airports, with classic summer destinations displaying standout week-on-week flight growth. The top 3 States and airlines were all up as a percentage on Week 21, and two of the top 3 airports, where Amsterdam Schiphol is now just 22 daily flights behind table leader iGA Istanbul. And while 3rd busiest airport Paris CDG was unchanged as a percentage, it too added flights (6 daily more than the previous week).

Growth was most rapid in 7th busiest network State Greece, up 11% to 1,992 daily flights, followed by 6th busiest Türkiye, +5% vs Week 21 on 3,531 daily flights. The most rapid airport growth was also in Türkiye, and just outside the top 10 as 11% flight growth at Antalya Airport saw AYT climb the table by 4 places into 11th on 877 daily flights.

In sectoral terms

  • the low-cost sector is doing well with +8% more flights than last year and+5% more flights than pre-pandemic
  • legacy carriers are also firmly up with +7% more flights than last year – but 4% lower than 2019
  • regional carriers are closer to 2023 levels with +3% more flights than last year, yet firmly below 2019 at -13%
  • business aviation is also 3% up on 2023 but the most-increased compared to pre-pandemic at 10% up
  • all-cargo is narrowly up on 2023 (+1%) and slightly higher than 2019 (+4%).

Top 3 airlines & week-on-week change

  1. Ryanair Group: 3,462 daily flights (+1%)
  2. easyJet Group: 1,770 daily flights (+1%)
  3. Turkish Airlines Group: 1,520 daily flights (+3%)

Top 3 airports & week-on-week change

  1. iGA Istanbul Airport: 1,443 daily flights (+1%)
  2. Amsterdam Schiphol: 1,421 daily flights (+2%)
  3. Paris CDG: 1,344 daily flights (0%)

Top 3 States & week-on-week change

  1. The UK: 6,253 daily flights (+2%)
  2. Spain: 5,596 daily flights (+2%)
  3. Germany: 5,298 daily flights (+1%)

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