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As we head into autumn, traffic across the European aviation network continues to ease week-on-week. But overall traffic (93% of 2019) and on-time arrivals (70%) were unchanged in Week 38.

Saturday 23 September, close to the end of Week 38, was the last official day of summer – but airline schedules have been adapting since earlier in the month, with Week 38 seeing another gentle easing: 1.2% fewer flights than vs Week 37.

That translated into less week-on-week traffic across most aviation actors, with numbers down at 7/10 top airlines (with the top 10 ranging between +1% and -3%), 8/10 top airports (values in the same range), while all the 10 top States either saw less movements compared to Week 37 (8 States down up to -2%, with two more with just a handful more daily flights).

While the network overall remained at 93% of 2019 for both Week 38 and September as a whole, there continue to be several airports, airlines & States seeing over 100% of traffic compared to 2019.

Three of Europe's 10 busiest airports, three airlines and three States were busier than in Week 38 than in the corresponding week of 2019.

At airport level these are:

  • 117% iGA Istanbul Airport, the network's busiest airport (1,461 daily flights)
  • 106% Antalya, 9th busiest airport (905 daily flights)
  • 103% Palma de Mallorca, 10th busiest airport (874 daily flights).

At airline level:

  • 132% Wizz Air, 7th busiest airline group (875 daily flights)
  • 126% Ryanair, the busiest airline group by far (3,272 daily flights)
  • 109% Turkish, 3rd busiest airline group (1,539 daily flights).

At State level:

  • 111% Greece, 7th busiest State (2,104 daily flights)
  • 109% Portugal, 10th busiest State (1,400 daily flights)
  • 106% Türkiye, 6th busiest State (3,550 daily flights)

Top 3 States & week-on-week change

  1. The UK: 6,059 daily flights (-1%)
  2. Germany: 5,342 daily flights (0%)
  3. Spain: 5,330 daily flights (0%)

Top 3 airlines & week-on-week change

  1. Ryanair: 3,272 daily flights (+1%)
  2. easyJet: 1,773 daily flights (0%)
  3. Turkish: 1,539 daily flights (-3%)

Top 3 airports & week-on-week change

  1. iGA Istanbul Airport: 1,461 daily flights (-3%)
  2. Amsterdam Schiphol: 1,396 daily flights (-1%)
  3. Paris CDG: 1,331 daily flights (0%)

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