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Flight volumes continue to grow as the summer advances, climbing to 33.0K flights in Week 23 after reaching 32.5K in Week 22, and 31.7K in Week 21.

That corresponds to steady +1.6% week-on-week growth, even though total traffic as a percentage of pre-pandemic volumes slipped down from 99% to 97% compared to the equivalent week in 2019.

In a week with fewer summer storms, arrival punctuality picked up, rising 1% to 73%.

There was modest flight growth across most States, airlines and airports with most close to last week’s levels, and only one change in the top 10s, with Poland re-entering as the 10th busiest State (4% upon Week 22 with 1,422 daily flights).

Yet again Greece stood out as the fastest expanding State as a percentage, increasing the most week-on-week at +8% to 2,161 daily flights.

Intra-European flights grew 1% and, at 25,941 daily flights, are currently at 98% of 2019 volumes.

Within Europe, the busiest flow is intra-Spanish: 1,348 daily flights, which is +7% vs 2019 and +11% vs 2023.

The 2nd busiest flow is intra-French: 1,018 daily flights – but while this is +2% vs 2019, it is considerably down on 2019 (-17%).

Spain-the UK is the only cross-border intra-European flow in the top 5, 3rd busiest on 974 daily flights in both directions (-4% vs Week 22, +6% vs 2023 and -1% vs 2019).

Only one other cross-border European flow makes the top 10 at no. 9 (Germany-Spain, 620 daily flights, -2% vs Week 22, +5% vs 2023 and -2% vs 2019), with the other national flows taken up by Italy, Türkiye, the UK, Norway, Germany and Greece. Of those, intra-German flights (8th busiest) stand out as the furthest down in comparison to pre-COVID traffic: while the 638 daily flights currently are +9% vs Week 22 and +2% vs 2023, they are over a third lower than 2019 at -34%.

Flows beyond Europe are mostly up on 2019, and all bar to/from the Middle East are higher than 2023.

The busiest flows right now are to the second busiest flow to/from North America: +4% vs Week 22 (1,622 daily flights), and an impressive +14% vs 2019.

Third-busiest the Middle East is 6% higher than Week 22 on 1,389 daily flights, but 11% lower than 2019 as a result of regional tensions.

Top 3 airlines & week-on-week change

  1. Ryanair Group: 3,546 daily flights (+2%)
  2. easyJet Group: 1,807 daily flights (+2%)
  3. Turkish Airlines Group: 1,519 daily flights (0%)

Top 3 airports & week-on-week change

  1. iGA Istanbul Airport: 1,435 daily flights (-1%)
  2. Amsterdam Schiphol: 1,420 daily flights (0%)
  3. Paris CDG: 1,386 daily flights (+3%)

Top 3 States & week-on-week change

  1. The UK: 6,235 daily flights (0%)
  2. Spain: 5,566 daily flights (-1%)
  3. Germany: 5,356 daily flights (+1%)

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