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The impact of Ascension Day saw growth stall in Week 20: a -0.6% dip & back at 92% of 2019.

28,989 daily flights across the European network in the week of 15-21 May, slightly lower than Week 19’s 29,158, reflected a clear drop in air travel over the Ascension period, with 2,125 fewer flights on Friday, -1,060 on Thursday, and just +9 on Saturday.

The week also saw some industrial action & capacity shortage impacts, with SAS in particular operating 18% fewer flights & dropping to 10th.

However, while many of the busiest airlines and airports operated slightly fewer flights (5/10 top airlines flying less & movements down at 7/10 top airports), summer destinations and smaller holiday-destination carriers did see growth.

While the top 5 airlines all flew slightly less, lower down the rankings there was notable growth at 18th place Aegean (+9%) and 13th place TUI (+5%).

At State level, conversely, 6/10 States added flights compared to the previous week, with Greece expanding the most in 8th place with +9% daily traffic, and Switzerland re-entering the top 10 with a +3% week-on-week increase.

Top 3 States & week-on-week change

  1. The UK: 5,626 daily flights (+1%)
  2. Spain: 4,939 daily flights (+1%)
  3. Germany: 4,860 daily flights (-1%)

Top 3 airlines & week-on-week change

  1. Ryanair: 3,059 daily flights (-1%)
  2. easyJet: 1,647 daily flights (-1%)
  3. Turkish: 1,503 daily flights (-2%)

Top 3 airports & week-on-week change

  1. iGA Istanbul Airport: 1,401 daily flights (-1%)
  2. Amsterdam-Schiphol: 1,330 daily flights (0%)
  3. London Heathrow: 1,302 daily flights (-1%)

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