Training support services

In addition to courses and tools, the EUROCONTROL Institute of Air Navigation Services in Luxembourg (IANS) provides training services such as the following:

  • On-site and/or tailor-made training courses
  • A licence to use EUROCONTROL training material
  • A Training Zone for organisations
  • Training expertise
  • ATC simulation facilities
  • Conference facilities and an aviation library

On-site and/or tailor-made training courses

We regularly deliver courses on-site in response to requests received from training organisations, authorities or companies to provide external (on-site) training in an area closely linked to our training expertise and missions at their places of work. We aim to meet all acceptable requests subject to the availability of training experts and internal demands. Contact the IANS Partnership Office to request a course.

Licence to use EUROCONTROL training material

Organisations can use the training material developed by EUROCONTROL and deliver the courses using their own local instructor/s.

Much of the training material developed is available on request. The training material can be used in its original form and delivered by local staff and incorporated into other training to serve local needs.

These arrangements are administered via licensing agreements which guarantee fair use of this training material among stakeholders. If you are interested in licensing any of EUROCONTROL’s training material, contact the IANS Partnership Office.

Training Zone for organisations

The EUROCONTROL Training Zone is a digital learning environment which supports classroom and e-learning training. It is used as a central training management tool at IANS.

We offer the use of the Training Zone to training organisations. This enables a training provider to create, manage, and administer e-learning or blended training for its students. It also enables user organisations to define custom training content, assign an instructor to the course and monitor the students’ learning progress. For more information contact the IANS Partnership Office.

Training expertise in support of implementation

We have unique expertise in the field of harmonised training and innovative training methodologies. We can help you design or improve your training, ensure compliance with the latest regulations, achieve certification and implement new training methods in accordance with your local requirements.

Our expertise stems from long-term involvement in the development and delivery of training in the European ATM environment and from conducting workshops and meetings to address various aspects of harmonised training implementation. This includes:

  • ATCO and ATSEP CCC implementation;
  • training regulations;
  • development of training plans and performance objectives;
  • application of practical training;
  • on-the-job training instructors and simulator instructors.

For more information, contact the IANS Partnership Office.

ATC simulation facilities

Our Training Institute offers hi-fidelity ATC simulation facilities which can be rented by organisations.

The simulator facilities comprise two separate platforms, the Flexible Luxembourg Training Platform (FLTP) and the UFA Approach/Tower Simulator. Together, the two facilities provide a complete gate-to-gate simulation environment, including ramp, aerodrome, approach and en-route capabilities. Moreover, the FLTP is one of the few facilities in Europe capable of supporting a fully stripless ATC environment. The two simulator facilities are independent and can be used simultaneously. Multiple simultaneous use of the FLTP is also possible. For more information contact the IANS Partnership Office.

Conference facilities and the aviation library

Subject to availability, we can put our modern facilities at your disposal for aviation-related conferences and workshops. IANS offers a range of different-sized classrooms and a large conference room with a modern and comfortable setting, high-performance equipment and access to one of the best aviation libraries. You can benefit from the unique opportunity to be exposed to and to network with course participants from different organisations from all our Member States, but also from aviation organisations worldwide.

The large lobby allows you to organise exhibitions, catering, cocktail parties and coffee breaks.

We can also provide event registration, badges and nameplates, technical assistance, free car parking, free internet access, a canteen, catering, cocktail parties, lunch, etc.

For more info contact the Course Reservation Office.

IANS Partnership office

We are here to take your requests and answer any questions regarding our support services.

Course reservation office

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