SKYbrary toolkits

Learn about the latest safety improvement initiatives in the aviation sector.

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SKYbrary toolkits consist of learning notes, video tutorials and other multimedia tools supporting safety improvement initiatives such as level bust, runway incursion, air-ground communications, airspace infringements, unstabilised approaches, human performance and safety culture.


We at EUROCONTROL developed these tools to help air navigation service providers implement operational safety improvements, conduct safety assessments and collect, assess and analyse air traffic management (ATM) safety data in the context of their Safety Management Systems (SMS).

In a joint initiative with the Flight Safety Foundation European Advisory Committee, we are also producing a series of very short videos, called SKYclips, to highlight particular risks to operational safety. Our aim is to deliver 30 ‘SKYclip’ animated videos covering a wide range of operational aviation safety topics on a rolling basis over the next three years.

SKYclips on SKYbrary

SKYclips are a growing collection of short animations on aviation safety topics.


Further information on the toolkits is available on SKYbrary.