Safety assessment methodology

A framework of methods and techniques to develop safety assessments of changes to functional systems.

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SAM is a framework, a toolbox, containing methods and techniques to develop safety assessments of changes to functional systems.


SAM allows users to perform:

  • FHA (identify hazards, assess their effects and the related severity);
  • PSSA (fault tree analysis, event tree analysis, common cause analysis, etc.);
  • SSA (documentation of the evidence, collecting data, test and validation, etc.);

SAM is organised in three levels:

  • level 1 explains the "what";
  • level 2 provides details on "how" to perform a safety assessment;
  • level 3 provides real life examples from air navigation service providers and the industry;

SAM has an electronic version - e-SAM - that allows users to navigate through the various documents of the regulatory framework. It works on all MS-Windows platforms.

Although there have been many changes in the regulatory framework (successively EU 2096/2005 and CIR.1035/2011), SAM is still relevant for risk assessment and mitigation purposes.

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Download the documentation and installation files.

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For further information on how to build a safety case, read the 'safety case development manual”, which you can find in the tool itself.

Version 2.1 of SAM was released in 2006. At that time, the toolbox was recognised as an 'acceptable means of compliance (with limitations) to ESARR4' by the Safety Regulation Commission (SRC).


Access to the tool is free of charge. Simply click on the link above to install it.

A zip file will open to download the documentation via the unzip function. Once this has been done, a pop-up will appear and provide a short description of the information presented in the document concerned.

If the navigator does not start, you can access the documentation by going direct to the directory and selecting the files to open.