Operational decision support tool

Innovative flight visualisation tool that helps operational stakeholders predict and mitigate delays

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MIRROR is an operational decision support tool created by EUROCONTROL.

MIRROR creates a sequence of flights for each aircraft, its ground phases, its corresponding matched air traffic control (ATC) flight-plan, air traffic flow management (ATFM) delay and its impact on the passenger experience, enabling operational stakeholders to better predict delays and take measures to mitigate their impact – increasing the efficiency and sustainability of flights.

MIRROR also improves the situational awareness for air navigation service providers by matching the information on the submitted ATC flight plans with the airlines’ commercial schedule.

Access conditions

MIRROR is only accessible to people who are professionally engaged in aircraft operations, airport operations and air traffic flow management. If you match this criterion, please follow the steps outlined below to request access to the MIRROR tool.

Prospective new users are also invited to consult the MIRROR Terms of Use document to further assess their eligibility for accessing MIRROR.

Request access

To access MIRROR, users should:

  1. Register to OneSky Online
    You can register to OneSky Online in a few minutes and this will allow you to access this and many other EUROCONTROL tools. Please use your professional email address.
  2. Subscribe to MIRROR
    Once you have registered, log in, and click on the 'Manage' button at the bottom right-hand side of your screen. This page will provide you with a list with all OneSky Online tools available to you. Select MIRROR from that list and a request will be sent to the team in charge for evaluation.
  3. Confirmation
    Your request will be assessed by EUROCONTROL, following a decision on access, you will receive confirmation that you can now access the tool. When your registration to the MIRROR is confirmed, you can log back into OneSky Online where you will find that MIRROR will be available to you – click on the link to access it.

Register to OneSky Online

Technical Issues or General Enquiries

If you are experiencing issues accessing or using MIRROR, please contact us by using our page's contact form.