External data quality tool

Integrating B2B data into the tools that need it.

Access conditions

At EUROCONTROL, we developed the external data quality tool (EDQ) to bridge static data provided by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) via our business-to-business services and a deployed system using this data.


Users can:

  • import data from EUROCONTROL Network Manager business-to-business airspace structures services,
  • import new airspace definition made available from other sources in AIXM5.1 format and
  • updated airspace definitions, when data corrections are necessary.
  • process the airspace data into discreet data sets
  • provide a web based interface to allow users to view the available data and select the data sets they want to download.


We maintain and support the operations of the tool. Software upgrades are applied based on the EUROCONTROL Network Manager operational requirements and system evolution.

Access conditions

EDQ is made available to our Member States and industry partners by:

  1. sending an official request to EUROCONTROL's Director General;
  2. once approved, a service level agreement (SLA) needs to be concluded;
  3. following a signature from both sides, the software has been installed.

The software is free of charge for our Member States. We apply a user-pays principle (UPP) for industry partners.


If you are experiencing issues with accessing or using the tool, please contact us by using our page's contact form.