European Connected Regional Airports

The service supports airports in enhancing their situational awareness with the basic NM connectivity that fills the small and regional airport predictability gap. It helps managing the local turnaround process better and reduces so-called "black box effect", integrating airports with the Network Manager. The service is web-based and designed for sharing a very small sub-set of A-CDM information with the Network, as defined in the Advanced ATC Tower implementation guide

Advanced ATC TWR Implementation Guide

It incorporates two major processes:

  1. Automates provision of Departure Planning Information (DPI) for small/regional airports, replacing the information gathered manually (or from unverified sources) with the generated upon ADS-B data events. When DPI is exchanged with the Network Manager, it improves traffic demand predictability.
  2. Provides to the airport most recent, network information for its IFR traffic, including view of the impact that other airports may have on a particular flight. The Airport-Centric view improves situational awareness through network-provided data, supporting optimised planning of airport resources, which aims at meeting the passenger expectations towards punctual travel.

EUROCONTROL guides the users through the whole implementation process and supports the integration and delivery of the service.

The Connected Regional/Small Airports Task Force (CRSA TF) is the ECRA user group that secures the support for standardized deployment of current and future functionalities.

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