Datalink issue management tool

Collaborative reporting and investigation of problem reports.

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The datalink issue management tool is the collaborative tool used by the Datalink Support Group (DSG) and Datalink Support Team (DST) to report, manage and solve datalink issues in the aeronautical telecommunications network (ATN).

In addition, the tool can be used by any registered user with the tool datalink user or stakeholder to report a problem or incident with datalink operations.

Functionality and benefits

The problem reporting procedure is intended to record any kind of problem experienced in the implementation and usage of the data link services in Europe:

  • The operational use of datalink services (DLIC, ACM, ACL and AMC);
  • The use of ATN;
  • The accomodation of FANS 1/A aircraft;
  • The use of VDL Mode 2;
  • Any specific piece of technical equipment.

Problems reported can be resolved locally and recorded centrally in the tool for knowledge management. Problems that cannot be resolved locally, because they involve the interaction of several stakeholders, are investigated collaboratively using the documentation and communication functionalities of the tool.

To manage problem reporting and investigation, the datalink issue management tool handles ‘issues’ of two types. Problem Reports (PR) are raised by datalink stakeholders and record observations of problems with any part of the datalink services implementation. Problem Investigations (PI) are used to confidentially record the ongoing investigation of a specific PR, and document sensitive information (e.g. log files) supporting the investigation.

To manage interoperability testing requests, another type of issues is defined as Interop Testing Request (ITR). These are used to request the support of the Data Link Testing Facility (DTF) at EUROCONTROL's Innovation Hub for interoperability testing of ATN airborne and ground systems prior to their operational use.


In the past, the Central Reporting Office (CRO) provided a tool to manage problem reporting, investigation and resolution when local resolution was not possible. Although the responsibility for problem resolution now lies with the Datalink Support Group (DSG), the current tool continues to be used to track problems, assign responsibilities and record progress towards resolution.

Access conditions

The datalink issue management tool uses a dedicated portal, and access is restricted to registered users. Interested users should contact can contact us. A OneSky Online is required.

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