Controller-pilot datalink communications ground automated tool

Interoperability test for avionics equipment

Access conditions

Our controller-pilot datalink communications ground automated tool (CPDLC GAT) allows aircraft operators to exercise their use of CPDLC from a testbed, or a datalink Baseline 1 equipped aircraft.

Functionality and benefits

The CPDLC GAT allows aircraft operators to:

  • verify proper CM/CPDLC equipment installation and functioning;
  • verify new software avionics releases (from a test mock-up or a test aircraft in the hangar), before the software is installed on the first aircraft;
  • assist in aircrew CM/CPDLC familiarization.


EUROCONTROL developed the CPDLC GAT during Baseline 1 and CPDLC deployment, to help several airlines equipped with aeronautical telecommunications network (ATN) Baseline 1 compliant communications management unit (CMU) or air traffic services unit (ATSU). Since its development, our CPDLC Ground Automated Test tool, hosted at our EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub in Bretigny, continues to help aircraft operators exercise CPDLC against a datalink ground test system.

User guide

To learn more about how to use our GAT, please download our user guide


EUROCONTROL, in collaboration with Rockwell Collins, developed a simulation of the controller-pilot datalink communications ground automated test (CPDLC GAT) tool connected to a Rockwell Collins CMU-900 avionics equipment.

Access conditions

In order to connect to the CPDLC GAT, the aircrew will need to send a logon to the LFPYTEST ground facility designator. The usage of the automated tool from a real aircraft or a test mock-up always requires previous coordination between EUROCONTROL and the operator. In order to perform such coordination, please contact the Datalink Test Facility manager.

Contact us

A two-week advance notice is appreciated for a test sessions requested with the CPDLC GAT.