Collaboration human machine interface

Our graphical interface of the network operations systems.

Access conditions
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The Collaboration Human Machine Interface (CHMI) is a standalone application which provides a graphical interface for the Network Operations systems allowing users to display data and graphical information (such as routes, route attributes, airspaces, flight plan tracks, etc.) via map displays. This real time information enables Collaboration Decision-Making (CDM) between all partners.

Through the CHMI applications, users can benefit from the NM operational services, inter alia:

  • Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM);
  • Flight Planning;
  • Airspace Management (ASM) – The CHMI ASM Reference Guide provides a detailed description of the FUA CHMI application functions.


Several customised CHMI products have been developed to accommodate operational stakeholders' needs, including the collaborative interfaces for:

  • aircraft operators (CIAO) – is a CHMI service with features customised for aircraft operators;
  • flow management positions (CIFLO) – is a CHMI service for flow management positions with features customised for air navigation service providers - mainly used by FMPs. It allows air traffic flow and capacity managers from the FMP, air traffic controllers, as well as supervisors and managers in this domain, to access ATFCM information.
  • remote environment access (CIREN) – is a CHMI service for ENV coordinators;
  • towers (CITO) – is a CHMI service with customised features allowing tower air traffic control (ATC) controllers, supervisors and managers, access to Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM) information by means of visual aids.
  • airspace managers (CIAM) – is a CHMI service with customised features allowing airspace management cells (AMC), the centralised airspace data function (CADF), as well as flow management positions (FMPs), access to the airspace management functionalities.


We have also developed a set of reference guides and other documentation to guide our users through the tool.

CHMI ATFCM Reference Guide

CHMI ATFCM Map Reference Guide

Access conditions

Access to the CHMI applications is restricted to organisations which are actively engaged in ATFM operations, aircraft operations – and related support services.

Request access

To request access, please follow the steps below.

  1. Fill out our service request form
    This will help us determine what access to grant you.
  2. Sign a service agreement
    Once we have received your request, we will contact you to invite your organisation to sign an official agreement with EUROCONTROL for the provision of this access.
  3. Download and install our software
    Once the agreement is signed, we will send you via email a set of instructions and links to downloading the software package needed to access the relevant service or application. It includes a software authentication device (a token or a certificate). 
  4. Pay invoice
    You will receive an invoice with the applicable contribution fees - you will need to pay it before the next step.
  5. Activate your token or certificate
    Once your software and certification is installed, you need to activate your token or certificate please contact out technical helpdesk (see our contact bubble)
  6. Log in
    Congratulations! You now have access. 

Service request form

Hours of operations

The CHMI is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Technical assistance is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for first level support, and during office hours for 2nd level support.

Service levels

The Network Manager aims to provide high availability levels for the CHMI by issuing monthly reports on availability indicators to our stakeholder consultative groups concerned (ODSG or equivalent).

Service levels do not include:

  • Communication networks used to access the product;
  • Interruptions due to installation or use of product which does not conform to NM specifications;
  • Periods of planned outage and essential maintenance.

EUROCONTROL tries to keep interruptions to the service to a minimum. When planned maintenance and testing might necessitate the CHMI to be taken out of service, EUROCONTROL notifies the user at least 48 hours in advance of planned interruptions to service. In all other cases, it provides such notice as is reasonably practicable.

Contribution fees

The CHMI product is, in principle, free of charge. However, contribution fees are levied to cover part of the token related costs.

EUROCONTROL provides up to two tokens per organisation free of charge. A one-time fee of €200 is charged for each additional token.

Each token is valid for a minimum of five years to cater for technological, operational or contractual evolutions. After five years, EUROCONTROL will charge a new contribution fee when renewing the tokens with new technologies.

Duration and termination of service

EUROCONTROL reserves the right to cancel the tokens which have not been used for six months, for efficiency and security reasons. Should you require a new token after this cancellation, you will have to submit a new request via the NM Service request form. Any new access so requested and granted will be charged for.

Technical support

Are you experiencing technical problems with accessing or using the tool.

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