CPDLC mock-up

Cockpit controller-pilot datalink communications mock-up

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EUROCONTROL has developed a simulation tool (mock-up) of the EUROCONTROL controller-pilot datalink communications ground automated test (CPDLC GAT) tool, connected to a Collins Aerospace Communication Management Unit (CMU) avionics equipment.

The GAT tool, delivered by the EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub, provides the avionics community with datalink support and interoperability testing for datalink equipped aircraft.

Functionality and benefits

The mock-up simulates the exchange of datalink uplink and downlink messages (Context Management - CM logon and Controller Pilot Data Link Communications – CPDLC messages) via a realistic cockpit interface using the Collins Aerospace CMU-900 equipment.

The mock-up can help anyone who would like to understand how datalink works over a realistic cockpit human-machine interface. In particular, the mock-up can provide additional opportunities for flight crew to get familiar with CPDLC usage.

At the same time, it can also help avionics, air traffic control engineers and ATC controllers to get an insight into the cockpit’s view of performing datalink.

An extension of the mock-up to cover also a realistic controllers’ human-machine interface performing datalink is under development.

Access conditions

The cockpit CPDLC mock-up is freely available online. The tool is self-explanatory and requires no additional guidance.