Civil-military air traffic management coordination tool

A support tool providing a complete view of civil and military air traffic.

Access conditions

The Civil-military air traffic management coordination tool (CIMACT) is an operational software package provided by EUROCONTROL to ECAC Member States.

The tool supports the improvement of civil-military coordination and security during the execution phase of flexible use of airspace (FUA).


CIMACT is developed as a common co-ordination system to exchange information between civil and military users. CIMACT integrates a wide variety of information to provide the user with a comprehensive overview of the air situation. It contains a set of air traffic control (ATC) functionalities, filters and collaboration facilities to enable silent coordination between connected systems. CIMACT offers an automated interface with the EUROCONTROL Local And sub-Regional Air space management support system (LARA).

CIMACT is used the following operational scenarios:

  • airspace management (FUA concept) – to improve situational awareness and enable coordination of civil and military controllers during the activation and use of areas designated for military training activities or operations.
  • aerodrome and approach control – Combined with a radar tracker, the system is used at different military airbases for control of local air traffic.
  • tracking, recording and analysis – to monitor and assess air traffic to follow up reports, investigate incidents and potential violations.
  • ATM security – to coordinate efficiently between civil and military units during ATM Security incidents, for more information, see the video on the EUROCONTROL CIMACT Site.


CIMACT enhances the safe management of airspace and air traffic as it improves the common situational awareness.

Consequently, it reduces infringements and increases airspace capacity.

It also enhances national air security as it supports detection and highlighting of potential renegade aircraft.

CIMACT offers full compatibility with EUROCONTROL’s local and sub-regional airspace management support system (LARA) and the external data quality tool (EDQ), thereby allowing airspace management information to be displayed to CIMACT.

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Local and sub-regional airspace management support system


External data quality tool


CIMACT fulfills the airspace security incident management (ASSIM) system requirements developed by the NATO-EUROCONTROL ATM Security Coordination Group (NEASCOG).


The software upgrades are based on the operational requirements expressed by the CIMACT users and adhering to new standard ASM systems requirements. The maintenance and operational support service is provided by EUROCONTROL.

Access conditions

CIMACT is made available to our Member States and industry partners by:

  1. sending an official request to EUROCONTROL's Director General;
  2. once approved, a service level agreement (SLA) needs to be concluded;
  3. following a signature from both sides, the software has been installed.

The software is free of charge for our Member States.


If you are experiencing issues with accessing or using the tool, please contact us by using our page's contact form.