The Central Claim Management System (CCMS) is a web interface allowing authenticated users to report post-event operational problems involving the unexpected behaviour or inadequacy of NM procedures, data and/or systems. Such users can submit complaints regarding NM operational services to the Network Manager Operations Centre by creating an operational incident in the CCMS.

The CCMS allows the originator of the claim and all known authorised persons from the same organisation to trace and monitor the investigation and further processing of the claim and retrieve a response as to how it will be resolved.

With CCMS you can:

  • Submit an operational incident report;
  • Trace, monitor the claim processing status and obtain a response regarding resolution of the claim.


The CCMS has been developed as a single integrated tool for EUROCONTROL NM operational problem reporting and incorporates fully transparent monitoring of the claims management process, from collection, investigation and reporting to operational claims.

Reports are recorded in the CCMS direct by the users, or alternatively by a member of staff at the Network Manager Operations Centre.

Feedback to the users – the result of the operational investigation - is provided online in the CCMS or via other means of communication to be agreed with the users (claim originator).

The CCMS has also been developed to support the safety management systems of the organisations concerned and to promote the full involvement of both sets of partners.

Alternatively, if the CCMS cannot be used, claims can be submitted via the standard forms on the EUROCONTROL website and in the Network Operations HANDBOOK.

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The CCMS automates and supports the processing of claims and integrates them into a centralised workflow management tool.

By filling in claim windows, users can at any time produce, expand, monitor and retrieve operational incident reports. The network operations staff, within whose domain the claim falls, analyse the claim, allowing full transparency with the partners concerned and maintaining an open dialogue during the claim life cycle.


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Access conditions

Before requesting access to the CCMS, various conditions have to be met:

  • You need to be working in an organisation which is engaged in ATFCM and in aircraft operations (and related support services).
  • You must have access to the Network Operations systems (CHMI).
  • You must obtain approval of the access request from a safety reporting manager if applicable.

Since it is an additional optional feature of the Network Manager’s web applications (CHMI), CCMS is free of charge for users who have a subscription for such applications.

Access to the CCMS is subject to eligibility conditions, conditions of use and the signing of an agreement. You can request access to the CCMS via our Service request form.

Service request form

The User Relations Team will receive the request and, depending on the originating organisation’s policy, will contact the organisation or administration in order to secure authorisation to process the request.