Central Route Charges Office Portal for airspace users

A free, simple to use, secure and confidential online portal, which makes exchanging air navigation billing information between airspace users and the Central Route Charges Office simple and efficient.

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CEFA is a secured website, free of charge, giving you:

  • it is free of charge
  • it gives secure and confidential online access
  • it is simple to use
  • it is available 24/7
  • you can have multiple CEFA accounts for your company, with specific access roles assigned to different people.


CEFA enables you to:

  • download your billing documents and flight details,
  • consult your online statements of account,
  • consult and modify your fleet data,
  • request changes to your billing address, fiscal information or delivery method of invoices
  • submit and monitor your claims and have them processed faster.

Access conditions

CEFA, the CRCO portal, is strongly recommended to all airspace users.

The connection to CEFA is subject to acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

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