Civil aviation resource management application

To help you plan, monitor and report on resourcing for your aviation oversight domains.

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CARMA is a web-based application replacing the human resources application for ANS oversight domain (N-HRA). It can be used by all aviation oversight domains, not only by the ATM/ANS oversight domain.


CARMA can be used to:

  • manage any of the following processes: staff planning and monitoring, and competency management, including training plans and monitoring;
  • produce an HR assessment, in line with the requirements of European Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/373  and with the ICAO Annex 19 recommendations on how to determine staffing requirements for personnel performing safety oversight functions;
  • manage pools of experts, when States in a functional airspace block (FAB) share resources.


Currently, 24 EUROCONTROL Member States are using the application, as is FABCE (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia) for the ATM/ANS oversight domain.

CARMA is relatively easy to use and comes with a user guide; so no formal training course is required. However, if required, a short familiarisation session can easily be provided via Webex for first-time users.Once the familiarisation phase is complete, a State or FAB can work independently with the application to upload their relevant data, give access to staff members and report on the status of their civil aviation authority resources.

Access conditions

Non-EUROCONTROL States can have a six-month free trial of CARMA after signing an evaluation licence agreement. To use CARMA on a permanent basis, you need to sign a licence agreement. A licence fee will be charged for the use of CARMA by non-EUROCONTROL States.

Once the authorisation procedure is complete, you or a designated main user will be invited to register for our OneSky Online secure extranet portal. Once access has been granted to the main user, you can make full use of CARMA.

For further information, please contact us via the contact form on this page.