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Helping airports share information in an efficient and harmonised manner.

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At EUROCONTROL, as Network Manager, we developed the airport corner to enable airports to provide information in an efficient and harmonised manner. The airport corner is an airport-focused data repository supported by a secure web application. The underlying process for data provision facilitates collaboration between the local air navigation service provider (ANSP) and the airport operator, resulting in a “coordinated airport view”. The airport partners provide strategic information used to support forecasting as well as information on certain implementation activities and performance review.

The Airport Corner covers a wide range of airport information such as capacities, traffic forecasts, local events affecting operations, the airside and landside infrastructure, intermodality, adverse weather conditions, the TMA/approach, CDO and A-CDM implementation, the environment, civil-military coordination and local contacts. The tool offers the capability for information to be treated as confidential whenever required.


partner airports

In October 2015, the Airport Corner was enhanced, enabling airports to share information on events affecting the pre-tactical phase of operations through so-called enhanced airport information exchange with NM.

In support of the network and airspace users, the portfolio is further evolving to also include contextual information related to diversion capabilities, airport emergency information, etc. It is an evolving process and new information requirements are regularly implemented to respond to the needs of EUROCONTROL and all stakeholders.

In total, more than 100 airports have become partners of the airport Corner and many more are in the process of joining.

For airlines

We have developed a new restricted airport corner to provide airlines with relevant airport information. This interface also provides specific services tailored to airline needs. Its aim is to enhance strategic, pre-tactical and tactical airline operations planning.

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All European airports are very welcome to join the process. By sharing your information via the Airport Corner, NM can ensure the integration of your airport into the European ATM network. The expected benefits are airport information sharing among all partners, resulting in improved situational awareness, planning and predictability, and better balancing of demand and capacity. This will help to optimise airport operations and network performance. 

Public access

Non-confidential information on individual airports can be accessed through our Public Airport Corner via the Network Operations Portal (NOP) Strategic section. 

Controlled access

More in-depth view and an interface to provide network-related information  is available via our restricted Airport corner. This access is granted to airport operators, air navigation service providers and airlines.

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