Air traffic services messaging management centre

Helping the ground ATS messaging network of Europe's air navigation service providers.

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EUROCONTROL’s air traffic services (ATS) messaging management centre (AMC) provides off-line network management services to support European air navigation service providers’ (ANSPs) ground ATS messaging network.

The AMC also serves as the European focal point for ATS Messaging Management, and coordinates with communication and management centres in other ICAO Regions.


The AMC has emerged as a focal point for distributing information about the network’s operation. The AMC’s ATS message handling system (AMHS) off-line management operations functions (AMF-O) helps COM Centres (CCCs) using AMHS with the regional transition from AFTN/CIDIN to AMHS.

These functions include:

  • address management - coordinating the modification, distribution and synchronisation of AMHS addresses when implementing the ATS Message User Agent and AFTN/AMHS Gateways;
  • routing management – the consistent definition of AFTN, CIDIN and AMHS routing tables, distributed to all COM Centres in the EUR/NAT Regions;
  • management of worldwide network configuration data including connection information, COM centre information, contact details, etc.

The procedures are carried out in five AMC operational phases, ensuring that changes in CCCs are coordinated with AIRAC dates.

The AMC is also a globally recognised information hub on network implementation, particularly with regard to AMHS deployment.

The centre’s AMHS off-line management implementation support functions (AMF-I) provide guidance and implementation coordination to states and organisations which are implementing AMHS.

In 2015, the AMC was integrated with the emerging European directory service (EDS). The EDS functionality helps to enhance the AMC service as it provides on-line distribution of AMC operational data, including AMHS address management information, AMHS user capabilities and routing tables.


Currently 45 States in the EUR/NAT Region have designated CCC Operators and participate in ATS Messaging Management using the AMC.


The primary users of the AMC are International Communication Centres of ANSPs in the European and North Atlantic (EUR/NAT) Regions and the International Communication Centres of ANSPs worldwide.

The AMC services are used by the Communications Centres for planning, configuration and the performance management of their own network equipment.

Project leaders of AMHS deployment projects are also typical users of AMC implementation support functions.

There are four categories of users defined in the AMC:

The CCC Operator is the person representing a Cooperating COM Centre (a CCC) for purposes of ATS Messaging Management. A Cooperating COM Centre is an International COM Centre (AFTN and/or CIDIN and/or AMHS) operated by an ANSP in the EUR/NAT Regions, which participates in ATS Messaging Management.

The External COM Operator is the person representing an External COM Centre for purposes of ATS Messaging Management. An External COM Centre is an International COM Centre operated by an ANSP outside the EUR/NAT Regions, which participates in ATS Messaging Management with a more limited set of available functions.

The AMF-I User is the person representing an ANSP for the purpose of AMHS implementation in the ANSP’s International COM Centre, and participating in ATS Messaging Management via AMHS Implementation Support functions.

A Read-Only User is an ICAO Officer or a person involved in ATS Messaging among to the personnel of an ANSP and, who wishes to have a limited access in read-only mode to some AMC functions.

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