Aeronautical information system data process and static data procedures

Establishing best AIS practices for the receipt, storage and publication of AIS static data

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The EUROCONTROL Guidelines for the AIS Data Process (ADP) and Static Data Procedures (SDP) offer a thorough description of AIS operations. They are available in electronic format, in a dedicated online space managed by Eurocontrol. 

ECAC States agree that this set of guidelines represent best practices for the receipt, storage and publication of AIS static data.

The guidelines enable a harmonised AIS production within the ECAC States and provide State AIS with a baseline to which they can refer when developing their quality management process.


The AIS Data Process (ADP) describes the actions that are carried out to produce the Annex 15 Integrated Aeronautical Information Package.

The Static Data Procedures (SDP) relate to the AIS Data Process and detail HOW these actions are undertaken and traced.

The AIS Data Process Poster provides an overview of the mapping of the SDP to the ADP. The electronic ADP/SDP (eADP/eSDP) provides the complete guidelines, including the static data procedures documents.

Upcoming update

The ADP/SDP material available above was created in 2009 and reflects the AIS static data products in accordance with ICAO Annex 15 at the time.

With the current edition of Annex 15 and PANS-AIM (Doc 10066), and the move towards a data driven AIS production and to new products such as digital data sets, EUROCONTROL will produce a new set of aeronautical data process and procedures guidelines that better fit the future AIM production needs. The aim is to continue supporting a harmonised AIS in Europe and to support States in their quality management activities.

The new material is planned for autumn 2020 and will be displayed on this page as soon as available.

Access conditions

The guidelines are freely available on our dedicated website


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