Announcement of industrial action at the Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC)

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The EUROCONTROL Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC) oversees air traffic across the European air traffic network, playing a pivotal role in managing, streamlining and improving air traffic operations. The NMOC aims to ensure the best possible use of the airspace capacity that is available.

In a letter, one of the EUROCONROL Trade Unions (Union Syndicale Bruxelles - USB) has announced a period of six months during which industrial action could take place in the Network Manager Operations Centre. No specific dates for industrial action have been announced; this was only a pre-warning. EUROCONTROL is in ongoing dialogue with USB and all the other trade unions to discuss the situation and we are hopeful of a positive outcome. USB have confirmed their intention to continue the dialogue. EUROCONTROL is committed to social dialogue and actively engages with all social partners. As no notice of specific industrial action has been received, it is premature to speculate on any potential impact.

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