A proven methodology, applied for SESAR research

Ensure stakeholder buy-in by adopting a proven approach to validation of your air traffic management concept.


To ensure that your key stakeholder investment decisions are as informed as possible, you need to follow a clear roadmap in ATM concept development from research to implementation. A backbone for such a roadmap is a sound validation methodology. EUROCONTROL developed the Operational Concept Validation Methodology (OCVM) and matured it with its partners to become the European OCVM. Based on the E-OCVM reference, we walk you through a clear, robust structure for the entire validation process. At every stage of this process our experienced validation, operations and planning teams help you express your operational needs as well as identify and prioritise the validation activities needed to strengthen your “case”.

Together we develop a shared understanding of how the new concept is expected to operate in your ATM environment. We translate these expectations into validation claims that guide us to develop the simulation scenarios and assessments to be conducted. We communicate this process closely with you following a solid ISO-certified documentation process:

  1. Prepare your validation strategy plan: analyse your needs and expectations to develop a validation “case” with a set of claims and associated simulation scenarios;
  2. Conduct your simulations: carry out simulation exercises at our centre with your ATCOs to collect relevant data and ATCO feedback to evaluate the validation claims;
  3. Compile your detailed validation report: bring all the evidence together in an impactful and persuasive format for your stakeholders.

Expert advice in creating and implementing a solid validation plan

Based on our proven methodology, the validation team will help you prepare, implement and develop a robust Validation Case based on a detailed analysis of your problem and candidate solution, definition of the benefit mechanisms and the individual claims and arguments that will serve to support your overall project.

Support from professionals with extensive ATC experience

A team of former air traffic controllers (ATCOs) will gather relevant airspace and traffic data to build the relevant simulation exercises, working in close collaboration with your controllers to fully understand their needs and concerns.

Practical assistance to ensure your simulations run smoothly

Our teams will facilitate each step of the validation process from fixing your simulation slot to planning and building the right resources, managing logistics, overseeing the budget and setting up key meetings.


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