Enhanced RNAV validation tool

Supporting ground validation of new or modified RNAV instrument departure and arrival procedures and RNP approaches.


The enhanced RNAV validation tool (eRVT) is a desktop application to help procedure designers in the ground validation of new or modified RNAV instrument departure and arrival procedures (SIDs and STARs) as well as RNP approaches.


Validation is a key quality assurance step between the design and operational use of RNAV procedures. The Enhanced RNAV validation tool (eRVT) helps to reduce or prevent mistakes before using more costly flight simulators or flights with a flight validation aircraft while ensuring compliance with PANS-OPS criteria (ICAO Doc 8168).

The tool conducts a variety of rule and coding checks (e.g. ARINC 424 path terminators) to ensure that published procedures:

  • can be processed by flight management systems as intended by the procedure designer
  • will be flyable by a large variety of aircraft in use today.

The tool offers a 3D visualisation and trajectory simulation of the expected distribution of tracks. It takes aircraft type, weight, and meteorological conditions into account.

Although it is not a procedure design tool, eRVT is a valuable addition to PBN procedure validation and to the overall instrument flight procedure data quality assurance process in accordance with ICAO DOC 9906 (vol. 5).

Background information

EUROCONTROL developed a prototype of the RNAV validation tool in order to demonstrate the feasibility and usefulness of such tools. Arrangements have been made for it to be developed further as a commercial product by a company called NAVBLUE. EUROCONTROL Member State regulators and air navigation service providers can benefit from preferential licence conditions, on request to EUROCONTROL.


EUROCONTROL does not endorse the current version of eRVT, or the company or companies to which the EUROCONTROL eRVT licence is granted (DW International Ltd or NAVBLUE Ltd).

EUROCONTROL provides no warranty of any kind and disclaims any liability with respect to the use of the eRVT software and any derivative works.


Requests for further information on the tool should be addressed to NAVBLUE

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