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Skyway issue 75

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In this issue we focus on the next generation of airspace users – space tourist vehicles, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) urban air mobility vehicles, high-altitude platforms, drones and flying cars. We look at the airspace management challenge these entrants will bring and how regulators and airspace managers are planning their introduction alongside aircraft flying today.

Eamonn Brennan

Adapting aviation to "New Normals"

Throughout the pandemic, aviation has proved to be remarkably resilient and adaptable. Here, I fully appreciate the massive losses, the failures of several airlines, the huge amounts of public money put into the industry and the tragic impact on the lives of many who worked in aviation or who relied on aviation for their livelihoods. However, the industry has survived and it has adapted.

Eamonn Brennan

Director General of EUROCONTROL


Commercial air taxi operations expected in 2025, autonomous flight in the next decade

Eduardo Dominguez Puerta, Chief Commercial Officer, Vertical


How to bring urban air mobility to life

Jörn Jaeger, Senior Specialist for Aerospace Management & Infrastructure and Barbara Zygula, Regulations & Standards Analyst at Volocopter


Stratobus: Autonomous surveillance and telecoms 20km above Earth

Yannick Combet, Programme Manager of the StratobusTM project

Bruno Boucher

We need to focus on detect-and-avoid and communications

Bruno Boucher, Senior Vice-President, Airworthiness & Certifications at Nordic Unmanned

Klein vision

Where the world of motorways and airways meet

Anton Zajac, the cofounder of Klein Vision


Integrating space launches within the international airspace ecosystem

Luke Winfield, Operations Manager at Spaceport Cornwall


For Boeing, environmental challenges are linked to wider issues of societal acceptance

Chris Raymond, Chief Sustainability Officer at Boeing

Higher Airspace Users

Regulatory perspectives on emerging higher airspace users

Giovanni Di Antonio, High Altitude and Access to Space Operations Regulation Team Leader at the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) and Chair of the EASA

Future Airspace

Our vision of how to integrate new vehicles into the air transport system

Eduardo Garcia Gonzalez, CANSO Manager European ATM Coordination and Safety

Civil Military

We need to find the right balance between military and civil needs

Major General Karsten Stoye, Head of Civil-Military Coordination Division at EUROCONTROL

Black arrow

Network Manager develops new concepts to accommodate next generation airspace users

Steven Moore, Head of ATM Network Operations, Dragos Tonea, iNEO Manager and Paul O’Reilly, New Entrants Airspace Specialist report

Innovation Hub

Transforming EUROCONTROL Brétigny from an experimental centre into an Innovation Hub

Laurent Renou, Head of Air Transport Innovation at EUROCONTROL


How will SWIM enable emerging airspace users to deploy their services safely and efficiently

Peter Green, Head of Standardisation at EUROCONTROL


ECHO is making space for new high-altitude entrants

Henk Hof, ECHO Project Leader at EUROCONTROL

Integration UAM

New integrated ATM/U-space services and capabilities will meet the airspace integration challenges of Urban Air Mobility

Giancarlo Ferrara, Drone/U-space R&D Work Programme Manager at EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub

Aviation industry data

Traffic evolution across regions, Top 20 traffic flows, Market segments, Top airports, Top 20 aircraft operators

Akbar Al Baker

The biggest challenge the industry faces is the environmental challenge

His Excellency Akbar Al Baker, Group CEO Qatar Airways

Ulla Lettijeff

Recovery depends on a harmonised approach

Ulla Lettijeff, Senior Vice-President Helsinki Airport, Finland

Tewolde GebreMariam

The Impact of COVID-19 on Ethiopian Airlines, recovery preparedness and challenges

Tewolde GebreMariam, Group Chief Executive Officer, Ethiopian Airlines

Brian Moran

Partnering for a sustainable aerospace future

Brian Moran, Vice President Global Sustainability Policy & Partnerships, Boeing

Amparo Brea

Delivering a sustainable aviation recovery

Amparo Brea, Innovation, Sustainability and Customer Experience Director, Aena

Glenn Llewellyn

Climate-neutral aviation: redefining business as usual

Glenn Llewellyn, VP Zero-Emissions Technology, Airbus

Improving network performance

Improving network performance by integrating operational and technical working groups

Views of Ulf Thibblin, Chair of Network Directors of Technology (NDTECH), and Xavier Benavent, Chair of Network Directors of Operations (NDOP)

Steven Moore

We are now all collaborators working within a single Network

Steven Moore, Head of ATM Network Operations, EUROCONTROL

UAS traffic management systems

Europe is now in the fast lane to implementing UAS traffic management systems

Munish Khurana, Business Development Manager, EUROCONTROL

Aviation industry data

Traffic evolution across regions, Top 20 traffic flows, Market segments, Top airports, Top 20 aircraft operators

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