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Skyway issue 78

In this issue

In this edition, we focus on diversity and inclusion and explore how the aviation industry needs to move forward to tackle this important challenge.

We also look at the Ukrainian conflict and its wider implications for Europe’s air traffic community; and we report on the work that is underway to move European aviation to a climate-neutral industry.

From embracing diversity to accelerating technologies, top aviation leaders share with us their views on how aviation will meet the challenges it will be facing over the next three decades. 

Raúl Medina

By embracing diversity & accelerating innovative technologies, aviation can raise the bar & meet its future challenges

We need to start telling our story better. That is for me the standout message in this SKYWAY edition, because it is so central to achieving our goal here at EUROCONTROL of raising the bar for European aviation.

Director General of EUROCONTROL

Rannia Leontaridi Obe

Diversity and inclusion: we are a dynamic, global sector but we need to start telling the story better

Dr Rannia Leontaridi OBE, Director General for Aviation, Maritime and Security Group at the Department for Transport, United Kingdom

Andrii Yarmak

Mutual cooperation to ensure air navigation services provision in Ukraine after the war

Andrii Yarmak, Chief Executive Officer, Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise, UkSATSE

Brian Bruckbauer

We must agree on the data architecture

Brian Bruckbauer, President & CEO Air Traffic Control Association, ATCA

Northern Norway

Northern Norway: A European roadmap to climate-neutral regional air traffic

Einar Sorensen, Aviation Adviser, Oslo, Norway

Sofia Graflund

We are building the eco system driving the transition to a zero-emission aviation industry

Sofia Graflund, Chief Operating Officer, Heart Aerospace

Milena Bowman

Diversity, equality and inclusion in aviation: why we must do better

Milena Bowman, Executive Manager Airspace, Systems and Procedures, Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre, EUROCONTROL

New Network Manager Ops Centre

Moving to new Network Manager Ops Centre is a step change in European airspace digitisation

Steven Moore, Head of ATM Network Operations, Network Management Directorate, EUROCONTROL


Major developments towards implementation of the global aircraft-in-distress service

Anastasiia Sobchenko, Common Services Expert, Network Management Directorate, EUROCONTROL and Ian Knowles, Technical Officer, Operational Safety Section, ICAO


ISOBAR – Research is building controller confidence in AI systems

Gilles Gawinowski, Camille Anoraud and Ramon Dalmau Codina, EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub and Stéphane Pierre, Network Manager Directorate, EUROCONTROL

Diversity of Thought

Diversity of thought: surviving and thriving in a changing world

Steven Shorrock, Senior Team Leader Human Factors, EUROCONTROL

John Santurbano

Airlines back MUAC’s new greener route plan

John Santurbano, Director Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre, EUROCONTROL

Adina Vălean

The way forward for Europe's aviation sector

Adina Vălean, European Commissioner for Transport, European Commission

Willie Walsh

"We need meaningful targets monitored by a truly independent regulator"

Willie Walsh, Director General, IATA

Tanja Grobotek

How ANSPs are changing with the aviation market

Tanja Grobotek, Director Europe Affairs, CANSO

Civil-military cooperation

"We have witnessed excellent civil-military cooperation"

Brigadier General Christoph Pliet, Deputy Chief of Staff Operations, Allied Air Command, Ramstein Air Base, NATO

Aviation as a critical infrastructure

Aviation as a critical infrastructure: challenges and opportunities for a more resilient sector

Dr Georgios Giannopoulos, Deputy Director of the Space, Security and Migration Directorate, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Isabel Franke-Chaudet

Air traffic management flexibility: how can ANSPs change?

Dr Isabel Franke-Chaudet, Principal Consultant Aviation, Egis

Rachel Burbidge

Understanding the impact of climate change on aviation

Rachel Burbidge, Environment Policy Officer, EUROCONTROL

Andreas Boschen

A time to innovate

Andreas Boschen, Executive Director, SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking

Paloma Aba Garrote

"Aviation stakeholders will respond successfully to this ambitious decarbonisation challenge"

Paloma Aba Garrote, Acting Director, European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Juhan Lepassaar

ATM: navigating the challenging cybersecurity landscape

Juhan Lepassaar, Executive Director, European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, ENISA

Modernising airspace

Modernising airspace for a new era of aviation

Juliet Kennedy, Operations Director, NATS

Laurent Renou

A new type of aviation innovation: fast, agile and targeted

Laurent Renou, Head of Air Transport Innovation, EUROCONTROL

Bhev Chandrasena

Crisis funding: EUROCONTROL and Member States agree new ways to support the ATM network during volatile times

Bhev Chandrasena, Chief Financial Officer responsible for Directorate CRCO and Finance, EUROCONTROL

Steven Moore

From crisis to continuity: EUROCONTROL’s evolving role in aviation crisis management

Steven Moore, Head of ATM Network Operations, EUROCONTROL

Aviation industry data

Traffic evolution across regions, Top 20 traffic flows, Market segments, Top airports, Top 20 aircraft operators

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