Network manager validation platform

Network Manager Validation Platform

The Network Manager validation platform (NMVP) is a copy of the Network Manager operational system that can be used for airspace and flow management research purposes. This is the perfect validation tool to test the evaluation of new operational and technical solutions, as well as perform pre-operational validations and large scale demonstrations.

From research to operations

EUROCONTROL NMVP provides a prototyping and validation environment for Network Manager systems in order to support Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management validations in terms of:

  • operational feasibility,
  • performance,
  • technical assessments.

The NMVP fully replicates the Network Management operational systems and can be used in different modes:

  • with a live traffic and ATFCM scenario for shadow or live trials,
  • running in in stand-alone mode for real-time simulations,
  • in replay mode for fast-time exercises.

A wide range of users

The potential NMVP users are:

  • ANSPs,
  • Civil and military airspace users,
  • Airports,
  • Joint civil/military airspace management cells,
  • Industrial service providers,
  • Network Manager operational centres.

The NMVP enables the users to operate with the dedicated tools

  • from their own premises all over the world;
  • locally at EUROCONTROL's Headquarters or Innovation Hub.

SESAR compliance

The NMVP includes all the Network Manager’s functions and evolutions, in particular SESAR operational improvements at V2 and V3 maturity levels of the E-OCVM, namely:

  • Short Term ATFCM Measures (STAMs), together with the CDM process,
  • Extended flight plans,
  • FF-ICE flight services,
  • Improved OAT flight plans (iOAT),
  • Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace,
  • AOP/ NOP inter-operability and Target Time management,
  • User Driven Priority Process (UDPP).

Third party and EUROCONTROL prototypes have been developed using the B2B web services of the NMVP to support SESAR validation exercises:

  • FMP local tools,
  • ATFCM slot swapping tool,
  • AOP/NOP inter-operability tool,
  • Network monitoring tool. (DCB),
  • Meteo HMI.

SWIM support and advanced Network connectivity

The current NMVP architecture is compliant with the System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Yellow Profile. It provides features available via the NOP B2B Web services and allows interconnection with other platforms and prototypes.
Network connectivity for data communication exchanges is also possible through:

  • AFTN,
  • SITA,
  • Pan-European Network Service (PENS).


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