Innovative network operations validation environment

Full-fledged air traffic flow management real-time simulator

 Innovative network operations validation environment

INNOVE is an air traffic flow management real-time simulator for the validation of Network Management solutions at E-OCVM V2 maturity level.

INNOVE is built on off-the-shelf software technologies. Multiple actors in a simulation (e.g. Flow Managers, Airspace Users, Airport simulators) can connect to INNOVE through NM compatible web services (B2B) from any physical location.

INNOVE is an ATFM real-time simulation platform for the validation of Network Management solutions at E-OCVM V2 maturity level. INNOVE can be used in the following areas:

  • Validation of new operational concepts, flow management and airspace management tools.
  • Studies to evaluate alternative flow management solutions in a realistic operational environment.
  • Technical verification of local flow management tool interconnectivity with NM Systems.
  • Familiarisation and study projects using NM B2B Web services.

INNOVE is implemented by using proven off-the shelf technologies like Apache Tomcat, Jetty, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, JAVA, SOAP, REST.

NM B2B web services

INNOVE offers most of our Network Manager business-to-business web services and publish/subscribe services, always compatible with operational NM release N-1, providing client systems and HMI tools an easy path towards integration with the operational NM system.

INNOVE can implement additional services and features at the request of projects before their final implementation in the NMVP or NM OPS system, allowing faster development cycles and risk and cost reduction.

INNOVE offers some REST services for simulation control and exchange of simulation-specific environment files between connected systems.

INNOVE B2B web services can run in a cloud-based environment allowing for distributed simulations using easy connections through the internet.

Simulator interconnectivity

INNOVE offers customised solutions to connect to other simulators in an integrated validation platform. INNOVE comes standard with a connection to the RAMS ATC simulator, providing a closed loop simulation between ATFM and ATC. A connection to other ATC simulators like EDEP and ESCAPE is in the pipeline. INNOVE has already successfully integrated with the ATHOS Airport simulation platform.

INNOVE simulations are based on data recorded by the operational NM system. Traffic data is based on allFT+ data files and airspace data on DDR2 data files. NEST and RNEST can be used as tools to generate the required simulation data for an INNOVE scenario.

INNOVE can produce output files during or after an INNOVE simulation. Those files are RNEST compatible files and can be injected into RNEST analysis tools for post-simulation analysis and report production.


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