Early demonstration and evaluation platform

Lightweight real-time air traffic management simulator ideal for research and rapid prototyping

Early demonstration and evaluation platform

Do you need to perform rapid prototyping for your research? Do you want to carry out realistic small-scale simulations to validate an advanced concept project?

Our low-cost, agile ATM early demonstration and evaluation platform, eDEP, is the ideal environment to rapidly prototype applications as part of your research and advanced concept projects, as well as carry out small-scale operational simulations. Written in Java and developed using the GSDK (Graffica System Development Kit) by © Graffica LTD, this web-enabled platform has all the essential air traffic control (ATC) and tower functionalities and can be easily expanded to integrate more advanced features.

As the key component of our advanced Integrated Tower Working Position, eDEP is already being used by a wide range of prestigious air navigation service providers (ANSPs), industrial partners and research institutes across Europe.

Adapted to all your small-scale simulations

This lightweight platform is easy to run across various platforms either on one PC or across your entire network for any kind of small-scale simulation scenario. Combining an ATC system simulator with AIR, FDPS and HMI functionalities and Tower (TWR) System Simulator, the platform can be easily connected to ESCAPE and third party graphical display products to provide you with a full simulation environment.

Ideal for rapidly prototyping your applications

Tailored to the specificities of prototyping demonstrations, the eDEP platform includes dedicated features such as a scripting engine to script scenarios at predetermined times, sound files for overlaid R/T sound-bites, unmanned controller positions and sectors with a model of controller behaviour and a replay mechanism to record all your network data.

Cost-effective choice that combines quality and expert support

Given that this advanced solution is financed by EUROCONTROL Member States, it is provided free of charge (software only – with an administration fee) to EUROCONTROL Member States, and worldwide to universities and research establishments. By investing in adapted hardware, external components and annual community membership, you will enjoy affordable access to a world-class platform and personalised support. As a member of our user community, you will join an active network that regularly meets and shares ideas and expertise.


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