Simulations and validation

Assisting you in testing and validating your cutting-edge solutions.


We are specialised in providing simulation and validation services and developing solutions in the field of air traffic management.

Our work is instrumental in assessing the operational performance of air traffic control systems at airports, in the communications, navigation, surveillance domain, and in the airspace. We have an experienced team, enjoy a longstanding cooperation with the wider air traffic management community. We have accumulated over 50 years of experience and were the first centre in the world to run end-to-end digital real-time simulations.

Our services are part of the support provided by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager to meet the Single European Sky performance targets and contribute to the validation of future network air traffic management concepts.

Stakeholder forum
Technical Webinar

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on real-time simulations

How can real-time simulations support stakeholders in taking the right operational decisions?


Validation of air traffic management concepts through simulations

Realistic air traffic control, airport and flow management systems for simulations and training

Assistance and consultancy for external airspace simulations

IT developments and human-machine interfaces for air traffic management simulators

50 +

years of experience

450 +


40 +

experienced team members



EUROCONTROL simulation capabilities and platform for experimentation


Early demonstration and evaluation platform


Base of aircraft data

Digital tower simulator


Innovative network operations validation environment


Research network strategic monitoring tool


Network manager validation platform

A proven methodology, applied for SESAR research

Use cases

Implementing user-driven prioritisation process at Zurich airport
Use cases

Implementing user-driven prioritisation process at Zurich airport

EUROCONTROL simulation capability and platform for experimentation
Use cases

Assessing the feasibility of Time Based Separation

Use cases

Improving collaborative decision making between airspace users and airports

Experts working on CDM processes
Use cases

Improving and automating CDM processes between airspace users, flow managers and NMOC

Validating local and regional network performance monitoring
Use cases

Validating local and regional network performance monitoring

Use cases

Operational assessment of the dynamic airspace configuration collaborative process

Latest highlights

NEASCOG #58 participants

Working with the UN, ICAO and NATO to counter aviation terrorism

Bretigny innovation hub

EUROCONTROL and Türkiye successfully complete largest-ever European airspace simulation

Optimised airspace users operations (PJ07)

EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub simulation operators

New remote piloting function in ESCAPE, the EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub ATC simulator, adds greater flexibility for stakeholders

Innovation, research and simulation

Announcing the launch of the EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub

EUROCONTROL simulation of complex CPDLC clearances (PJ18)