Toolkit for ATM Occurrence Investigation (TOKAI)

Both occurrence reporting and occurrence investigation are vital elements for ATM safety. Once a safety occurrence has happened, a notification report must be filled in.This report will trigger the investigation process (gathering of facts, analysis, conclusions and recommendations).

EUROCONTROL has developed the TOKAI (Toolkit for ATM Occurrence Investigation) tool, consisting of several applications to support the complete investigation process. It is suitable for application in operational, engineering and support environments.

Additionally, TOKAI provides a means for occurrence notification and enables a harmonised application of relevant safety regulations (ICAO Annex 13, ESARRs and relevant EC Directives and Regulations). Furthermore, it enables the user to transfer data to an ECCAIRS system (European Coordination Centre for Accidents and Incidents Reporting System), or to produce reports in different formats, including the AST (Annual Summary Template), needed for the exchange of safety information with EUROCONTROL.