Performance Indicator and Analysis Tool for Airports (PIATA)

Performance Indicator and Analysis Tool for Airports (PIATA) is a key tool developed by EUROCONTROL to analyse runway system throughput and airside performance.

The latest version - PIATA+ is a powerful analysis tool to study airport performance while allowing users to customise it according to their needs. The results obtained, based on data from a real data collection, provide information on the airport’s current operational performance and are not a theoretical model, based on the layout and a set of rules. Stakeholders are given a set of recommendations to improve their airport’s airside performance. PIATA + provides:

  • main performance indicators and facilitates maximum throughput for airport airside operations;
  • easy customisability - any airport, any indicators can be used;
  • use of real data collected at the airport under study;
  • two main functions - analysis and modelling.


The future upgrade of this tool, PIATA Neo, will have a new user interface and added functionalities:

  • graphical Interface displaying RWY operations - users will be able to display operations for data collection and as a simulation. The display will also serve as an interface for modelling;
  • TMA consideration - dedicated TMA data collection together with a new module for TMA analysis will facilitate the study of controllers’ tasks, sequence efficiency, usage of arrival and departure procedures, etc.

Access conditions

PIATA+ is a stand-alone software tool for individual PCs and is provided under PIATA+ Software License Agreement.


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