Centralised ARTAS Maintenance and Operational Support (CAMOS)

Centralised ARTAS Maintenance and Operational Support (CAMOS) provides support and carries out the software maintenance of operational ATM surveillance tracker and server (ARTAS) systems for national authorities, as well as installing and maintaining the devices used to carry out tests. The service is provided by EUROCONTROL’s technical support team in Brussels HQ in cooperation with their Industrial Partners and the Local ARTAS Maintenance and Operational Support (LAMOS) teams.

CAMOS mainly provides manpower, reference equipment and procedures for the following tasks:

  • Interfacing with the operational sites
  • Management of ARTAS evolution
  • Configuration control and management (CCM)
  • Hardware specification (reference platform) of the devices to host the ARTAS application
  • Version control
  • Software Verification
  • Training
  • Monitoring of quality standards
  • Quality/Safety
  • Software maintenance
  • Software development

CAMOS services do not include hardware support but, if required by the users, the Agency may propose an ARTAS hardware support service as well.


To assist in communication between ARTAS users and the team, CAMOS makes use of:

  • “ARTAS - CAMOS Team” Library: used to store documents (AUG/CCB minutes or documents related to ARTAS HW and SW), presentations and to announce meetings and workshops. Users have full access to “Public Documents” and read-only access to “Shared Documents”.
  • ARTAS Support database (MANTIS): an open-source problem reporting and change control system. MANTIS is available upon request to all ARTAS and CAMOS users via the OneSky Online portal.
  • iCAMOS: the main means of distributing ARTAS patches and documentation, to exchange all data necessary for ATR analysis and to distribute ARTAS artefacts.

Access and Conditions

The ARTAS software and the CAMOS service are distributed - currently free of charge - to any civil and military ANSP in the ECAC area, upon signature of a license agreement.


Requests originating from outside the ECAC area are examined on a case-by-case basis. To initialise the procedure, a formal request must be sent by the CEO of the requesting organisation to EUROCONTROL Director General.

Access to some of the ARTAS and CAMOS tools also requires a OneSky Online account, which can be obtained free of charge here.

“Access to the  iCAMOS server is provided upon request to the CAMOS Team once a service level agreement is signed.

ARTAS Service Manager

For further information on ARTAS and CAMOS and requests for access to related tools contact the service manager.

CAMOS Support team

For support and assistance contact us.