Automatic Safety Monitoring Tool

Gathering, analysing and exchanging data on aviation incidents or events are a key component of a robust ATM safety management system.

Given the large volume of data involved, an automatic data gathering tool (Automatic Safety Monitoring Tool, ASMT) is essential.


ASMT provides automatic monitoring and recording of safety-related events using operational data and contains a powerful database supporting data gathering, consolidation and off-line analysis.


The current version includes six detection modules which automatically record:

  • Proximity events - infringements of minimum separations between aircraft;
  • Short Term Conflict Alerts;
  • Area Proximity Warning alerts for predicted infringement of segregated airspace;
  • Mode S downlink messages of ACAS Resolution Advisory;
  • Altitude Deviation - detection of aircraft which do not comply with the cleared flight level;
  • Airspace Penetration - detection of unauthorised penetrations of a segregated airspace.


The Automatic Safety Monitoring Tool (ASMT) FACTSHEET


Automatic Safety Monitoring Tool

The first ASMT Forum was held on 27 & 28 October 2011 at Belgocontrol.
The second workshop was held at EUROCONTROL HQ, 22nd and 23rd May 2013

All the workshop material and presentations are available in the zip file:

ATM Seminar, Publication

ASMT Project team

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