Technical assistance to military aircraft modernisation programmes

At EUROCONTROL we provide, upon request, bilateral air traffic management and communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) technical advice and guidance to support military aircraft modernisation and life extension programmes.


Our support, and technical expertise on applicable ATM/CNS requirements and technology integration and evolution plans is of utmost value to determine the impact of existing regulations, standards, guidance material and research results on civil-military interoperability.

This includes specific civil-military technical guidance on:

  • VHF 8.33 kHz for voice channel spacing,
  • VHF datalink Mode 2 supporting datalink services,
  • integrated NAV capabilities to support performance based navigation (PBN),
  • global navigation satellite system (GNSS) for en-route and TMA operations,
  • ILS and GNSS for landing and take-off,
  • Mode S and ADS-B to enable advanced surveillance functions,
  • reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM),
  • airborne and traffic collision avoidance system (ACAS/TCAS),
  • other avionics requirements (VHF FM Immunity, Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT), Ground Proximity/Terrain Awareness (EGPWS/TAWS) Flight Data Monitoring, etc.) and
  • transversal requirements: aircraft integration, certification and operational approval options, alternative means of compliance, consistency with ground infrastructure, etc.

We also assist with identifying:

  • transition arrangements to accommodate aircraft that are not equipped,
  • opportunities for performance based certification,
  • emerging SESAR concepts, architecture and solutions that may be relevant for avionics rationalisation and optimised integration.

The technical information we share comrises the identification of relevant standardisation technical references (e.g. ICAO, EASA, EUROCONTROL, EUROCAE/RTCA, ETSI, CEN, CENELEC, ARINC, etc.). We also maintain a repository of avionics requirement information for civil and for State aircraft.

Request support

We remain available to provide appropriate technical support to military aircraft operators and state actors interested in launching or optimising their modernisation programmes. To request our assistance, please contact us.