Static data operations

Our static data operations service, as part of the central aeronautical data repository of the European AIS Database (EAD), makes it easy for data providers and users to access, update, consult and download stored data in various formats.


Our service provides access to data providers to the EAD system to update their static data either directly, through the ready-to-use application (B2C – EAD Pro), or via system-to-system interface (B2B – MyEAD). These updates are possible in:

  • AIXM 4.5 (SDO) and
  • AIXM 5.1 (SDD).

Our service supports:

  • NOTAM offices (NOFs) to create and maintain NOTAM information;
  • air navigation service providers (ANSPs) to publish aeronautical information publications (AIP) and provide aeronautical data;
  • air traffic service reporting offices (AROs) by providing an integrated flight planning and briefing solution.

Once data has been validated, the information is made available to the different sub-systems to:

  • produce the AIP and charts,
  • validate the NOTAM information at creation or during processing and
  • perform the pre-validation of a flight plan and select the relevant NOTAM when using the ARO Briefing facility.

Our service via our graphical validation tool also helps validate complex static data changes by visualising and verifying information before publication.

Our service allows data users to populate their own databases from static data files downloaded in AIXM 4.5 and AIXM 5.1 format. Additionally, our databases can be queried through standard or user-defined queries and reports.

Our service provides users with a helpful graphical reporting tool for:

  • data querying and
  • visualising the requested data.

Our aeronautical data is maintained directly by our data providers within their areas of responsibility and a world-wide minimum static dataset maintained by the EAD data operations provider (DOP).

Static data provision in EAD

Country ANSP SDO AIXM 4.5 SDD AIXM 5.1
Albania /LA Albcontrol  
Armenia /UD Armats  
Austria /LO Austrocontrol  
Azerbaijan /UB AZANS  
Belarus /UM Belaeronavigatsia  
Belgium /EB Skeyes  
Bosnia Herzegovina /LQ BHANSA  
Bulgaria /LB BULATSA  
Canada /C NAV Canada  
Croatia /LD CroControl  
Cyprus /LC DCA  
Czech Republic /LK ANS  
Denmark /EK Naviair In transition
target date: 07/10/2021
Estonia /EE EANS  
Finland /EF ANS Finland  
France /LF DSNA  
Georgia /UG Sakaeronavigatia  
Germany /ED DFS  
Germany /ET AFSBw  
Greece /LG Hellenic CAA  
Hungary /LH Hungarocontrol  
Ireland /EI IAA  
Israel /LL CAAI  
Israel /LL IAA  
Italy /LI ENAV Transition scheduled
Jordan /OJ CARC  
Kazakhstan /UA Kazaeronavigatsia  
Kyrgyzstan /UC Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia  
Latvia /EV LGS Transition scheduled
Lithuania /EY Oro Navigacija  
Malta /LM ATS  
Moldova /LU MOLDATSA  
Netherlands /EH LVNL  
Netherlands /EH Royal Air Force  
New Zealand /NZ Airways NZ  
North Macedonia /LW M-NAV  
Norway /EN AVINOR Transition planning
in progress
Philippines /RP CAAP  
Poland /EP PANSA  
Portugal /LP NAV-EP  
Romania /LR Romatsa  
Serbia /LY SMATSA  
Slovak Republic /LZ LPS  
Slovenia /LJ Slovenia Control Ltd. In transition
target date: 12/08/2021
South Africa /FA ATNS  
Spain /LE ENAIRE  
Sweden /ES LFV  
Switzerland /LS Skyguide  
Turkey /LT DHMI Genel  
Ukraine /UK UkSATSE  
World-wide EAD DOP  

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