Retrieving archived operational European air traffic flow and capacity management (ATFCM) data is done through the Network Manager Interactive Reporting (NMIR) dashboard. The online tool allowing users of NM systems to access a wide range of reports and statistical data.

The NMIR dashboard has been developed to facilitate the network information sharing with all ATM partners.

It enables users such as aircraft operators, CFSPs, ANSPs and airports to obtain performance and quality indicators, to monitor trends and to compare ATFCM archived data.

Obtaining operational archived data is done by:

  • filing in input parameters boxes, which will provide pre-defined dynamic results for users in the tool itself;
  • sending a “facts on demand” request when users cannot find the data or statistics they need in the standard Network Manager reports or through the NM reporting tools, such as Central Office for Delay Analysis (CODA) and NMIR dashboard.

The data comes directly from the Network Operations and PRISME Data warehouses. The former contains NM operational data archived on the day after operations from the past 24 months. It also contains the statistics and performance indicators, which are computed two days after operations. The latter provides performance data.


The service, through the NMIR dashboard, delivers:
  • archived operational data and statistics,
  • performance and quality indicators and
  • ad-hoc specific statistical reports or data.

The dashboard itself provides several interactive reports, including: 

  • ASM report,
  • ATFM Compliance report,
  • ETFMS report,
  • Flight report,
  • IFPS report,
  • Post Ops daily briefing,
  • Regulation report and
  • Traffic and Delay report.

For more information, please consult the NMIR dashboard user guide.

Learn more about how to access the NMIR in the section below.


Access conditions

The use of the new NMIR dashboard will be restricted to operational (AOs, CFSPs, Airports, ANSPs) users and limited strictly to operational (ATFCM) purposes.