Network Management Operations Service Platform

The future of our network management services.

This project develops a new platform for delivering the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) services, focusing on collaboration and introducing state-of-art technologies.


The following improvements to our current systems will be implemented as part of this project: 

  • service-oriented architecture - upgrade of the NM Service Layer, to introduce standardisation, scalability, robustness and support for modern collaboration technologies;
  • human-machine interfaces (HMI) - modernisation, integration and harmonisation of the NM HMIs, improving the user experience, including with mobile devices, and using technologies that allow for a rapid development cycle;
  • B2B services - migration of the system to system interfaces (B2B services) to the new platform, support for publish/subscribe services and compliance with the system-wide information management (SWIM) technical profiles;
  • service management - support for service level management, monitoring and reporting, as well as, user management, including delegated administration.


The project promises cost savings through the rationalisation of the HMIs and decommission of old technologies. It will also increase the operational efficiency of all actors by introducing more user-friendly HMIs, improved process automation, better situational awareness and better collaboration support.

In addition, integration and interoperability between local and network operational processes will reduce the need for manual data exchanges. At the same time providing a shared network view will contribute to the overall increase of the network performance and improves safety.

Acknowledge EU funding square

This project has been co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union.