Monitoring and support of surveillance infrastructure optimisation

We monitor and support the evolution and sustainability of surveillance infrastructure in the European ATM network. Our objective is to improve network performance and ensure global interoperability using Mode S, Multilateration and ADS-B.

We also provide support for the implementation of EU Regulation 1207/2011 (Surveillance Performance and Interoperability Implementing Rule, SPI-IR). We do this in close cooperation with the EU institutions and all the stakeholders involved.

Our contribution

In the context of this activity, we publish:

  • monitoring reports;
  • guidance material;
  • specifications;

We also provide implementation support to stakeholders and so contribute to achieving the NM’s performance objectives.

We support, in particular, the SESAR Deployment Manager in the execution of the ADS-B Implementation Programme. EUROCONTROL carries out the technical and operational coordination of ADS-B Implementation. We report on equipage monitoring and support the implementation progress monitoring.

We cooperate with EASA on producing guidance material for the EU Regulation 1207/2011 (SPI IR) and its amendments.

Furthermore, EUROCONTROL co-leads and supports Performance Based Surveillance (PBS) in close cooperation with stakeholders, ICAO, EUROCAE, RTCA.

PBS work delivers technology agnostic Surveillance requirements for several applications, including current and reduced separation minima. The applications will cover a variety of operations and will be complemented by specifications, guidelines and assessments.

We support synergies, integration and the rationalisation of infrastructure in the Surveillance domain as well as with other systems. This includes a holistic, cross-domain, Network perspective.


The cornerstones for Network performance improvements are Mode S/ADS-B airborne equipage combined with a cost and spectrum efficient ground (or space)-based Surveillance infrastructure. Key inputs to this activity are the results of monitoring 1030/1090 MHz RF bands and Surveillance avionics, as well as progressing the implementation of ground Surveillance products.

Working arrangements

The stakeholder group for this activity is the SMSG (Surveillance Modernisation Support Group), which reports to the Surveillance Steering Group (SUR-SG).