Maastricht UAC Air traffic management knowledge centre

We develop advanced resources and capacity management solutions to help transform your air traffic management services.

Through our MUAC ATM Knowledge Centre (MAKC), we develop strategic and operational processes to help transform your ATM services. We promise a 25% productivity improvement through innovative solutions, backed by over 45 years’ experience providing air traffic services in Europe’s most complex airspace. MAKC specialist services are already delivering results to air navigation service providers around the globe through the use of advanced performance management methods.

"CISCEA (Brazil) is developing the Long Term Man Power Planning System (LTMPPS) and the Performance Area Project. These important and strategic projects are being developed by the Maastricht ATM Knowledge Centre (MAKC) represented by Mr. Flemming Nyrup and Mr. Robin Hickson.

This Commission acknowledges the efforts carried out by Maastricht UAC and these results could only be reached through the professionalism and passion of its managers."

Colonel Marcos Regio Abreu DECEA CISCEA

"AVINOR ANS has been working together with Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (Flemming Nyrup and Robin Hickson) since 2013, with the purpose to establish and improve processes, tools and culture related to resource and capacity management within Norway ACC.

AVINOR has found the cooperation highly beneficial and we give our best recommendations with respect to the mentioned parties."

Jan-Gunnar Pedersen Director Business Enroute

Total Air Traffic Management

MUAC has successfully rebuilt its own performance management framework around core elements of safety, capacity and resource management in collaboration with airlines, air forces and staff to deliver unmatched levels of performance. MUAC’s productivity score is more than twice the European average, and provides a best-practice model for MAKC to apply to the optimisation of systems and processes at other centres.

At the heart of the MAKC philosophy is the concept of Total Air Traffic Management (Total ATM). Total ATM redefines the key performance areas using best practice performance management aligned with ICAO principles, enhanced by decades of experience of practical delivery at the highest levels of efficiency and productivity at MUAC.

Total ATM focuses on eight core service areas derived from Europe’s performance scheme model and the ICAO global ATM concept. The four primary areas cover safety, cost-efficiency, capacity and the environment. Total ATM adds four additional core service areas: customer orientation, culture and communication, staff resourcing, and resilience. MAKC uses the Total ATM framework to provide bespoke solutions for every customer.

"The ATM community should have a continuous involvement in the planning, implementation and operation of the system to ensure that the evolution of the global ATM system meets the expectations of the community.”


Staff resourcing and rostering

Staff costs are the largest budget item for an air navigation service provider. Investment in improved staff efficiency can deliver capacity gains and subsequently higher productivity. It can also help reduce direct capital investment costs, and lower the indirect delay costs shouldered by airspace users.

Staff resourcing addresses how to manage the interdependencies within air traffic management service provision. Total ATM ensures effective management of the different elements and their impact. For example, cost-efficiency and capacity are very closely linked: increasing investment in infrastructure is likely to have a positive impact on capacity, while simultaneously and negatively impacting cost. However, by addressing staff resourcing and rostering, this core service may resolve this particular interdependency whilst improving both capacity and financial costs, simultaneously.

Of course, changes to rosters and other working conditions in your organisation are critically important to the wellbeing of your staff: which is why healthy and safe processes and the negotiation methodology are key elements of the ‘culture and communication’ and ‘resilience’ core service areas.

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