Local Single Sky implementation monitoring

We support the monitoring of the ATM Master Plan implementation.

EUROCONTROL provides support to the ATM community in planning and reporting their progress on implementing the ATM Master Plan (level 3).

Every year, we take stock of where each one of the ECAC States (and Comprehensive Agreement States) is in terms of implementing the ATM Master Plan (level 3). The results of this reporting exercise are compiled in a set of Local Single Sky ImPlementation (LSSIP) documents. The LSSIP documents then feed into the annual European ATM Master Plan Level 3 Progress Report.

Planning and reporting process

The Master Plan Level 3 planning and reporting process:

  • provides a comprehensive picture of the implementation of the Single European Sky package across the ECAC States;
  • helps align the performance of State plans with the evolution of ATM;
  • ensures that EUR Region States report to ICAO about their progress on the Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) ASBU modules;
  • contributes to the alignment between States at the policy level of SESAR deployment.

2023 LSSIP documents

If you want to see all LSSIP Implementation Documents, including from previous years, you can find them in our library.

LSSIP+ Guidance SharePoint

A new web-based Guidance Material site has been developed.

You will find several areas that cover: The LSSIP Background area containing basic information on the process, and the SDP Monitoring area that includes all the required information for the CP1 monitoring exercise.

Key information and detailed instructions on: how to report on the progress of implementation, how to fill-in the reporting information into the LSSIP+ DB, or how to extract the data from the LSSIP+ DB are included.

Our tools

LSSIP collaboration platform

Local Single Sky implementation monitoring collaboration platform

LSSIP+ database

Local Single Sky implementation+ monitoring database