IT developments and human-machine interfaces for air traffic management simulators

Maintain, upgrade and customise your ATM simulators and HMI

IT developments and human-machine interfaces for ATM simulators

Choosing one of our simulation platforms does not end at the moment of purchase. As an ESCAPE or eDEP user, you will be given the long-term IT support you need to get the highest possible return on investment.

With years of experience developing ATM simulators, our dedicated teams make installing, upgrading and customising your platform easier and more cost-effective, including developing a tailored human-machine interface to fully mimic your current or future system.

Maintain and upgrade the performance of your simulators

In addition to personalised assistance at every stage, as a member of our user community you will be invited to attend regular meetings to discuss best practises and improvements – together we can adapt our solutions to new contexts and applications. Fully-tested upgrades of ESCAPE and eDEP are included, as well as installation support for a seamless transition.

Customise your simulation platforms and human-machine interfaces

Each project and airspace is different. This is why we focus on customising your simulator to obtain reliable data to validate your concepts or for training purposes. We can develop a bespoke air traffic controller (ATCO) safety net or decision aid, as well as a human-machine interface (HMI) that mimics your own system. To keep costs down, we have a vast library of advanced solutions, which can be adapted to your needs.

Simulation and validation services

Air traffic management validation service

Connecting to the world

In a wider context, if you need to connect the simulation platform to other tools, we can provide or assist in the development of the ‘bridges’. Indeed, our platform is compliant with EUROCAE WG-81, so exchanging data, on-line or off-line, with your broader technical environment always remains possible.


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