Electronic aeronautical information publication and chart production

Our service for data providers allows the production of electronic aeronautical information publications (AIP) and charts based on the data available from the SDO/SDD service.

AIP production

We generate and maintain official national AIS documentation, including:

  • AIP,
  • AIRAC and non-AIRAC AIP amendments,
  • AIRAC and non AIRAC supplements,
  • AIC’s and
  • checklists.

Our AIP production service helps:

  • manage the different versions of a document by using the AIP manager;
  • modify a document, referring to the database;
  • generate documents in PDF and XML formats.

Chart production

We produce aeronautical charts defined in an AIP.

Our service allows you to:

  • set up a chart by defining its geographical reference;
  • compose a chart by adding elements from the database;
  • synchronise a chart by checking annotations against the database;
  • update a chart by providing changes for new effective dates;
  • publish a chart by creating products that are ready for publication;
  • maintain chart specifications by defining chart attributes, grid appearance and element symbolisation.

Data sources

The static data information necessary for the creation of AIP documents and charts is provided via our static data operation service (EAD SDO/SDD).

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