Data distribution service

Enhancing traffic data through years of experience in correlated position report processing.

EUROCONTROL, as Network Manager, shares enhanced tactical flow management system (ETFMS) data via our data distribution service.

This service is made possible by the accurate ETFMS representation of the current and predicted traffic situation via the broad coverage of the correlated position report (CPR). Combining this overview with the years of experience in CPR processing has considerably improved the accuracy of ETFMS flight profiles.


The data distribution service is provided to:

  • air navigation service providers (ANSPs) for flights entering their airspace via the entry nodes or via our Network Manager business-to-business web services;
  • aircraft operators (AOs) for flights with flight plans submitted to the Network Manager operations centre (NMOC) and with a registered ICAO airline designator or aircraft registration with the NMOC as part of their service request, via our NM B2B web service or a VPN connection following a software adjustment to the syntax and semantics described in the flight progress messages document to properly process EFD messages;
  • airports for all flights to a given airport destination via AFTN or our NM B2B web service.

The DDS applies to all general air traffic flights flying instrument flight rules (IFR GAT flights) which fly through the NM area of operations and for which NM receives flight data, regardless of the departure and/or arrival locations. Airborne updates are available mainly in the areas with CPR and FSA coverage.

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