Classroom and e-learning training courses

Sharing our knowledge and experience with our stakeholders.


We provide training for air traffic management staff, regulators, aircraft operators, flow management personnel and aviation experts.

At our Institute of Air Navigation Services in Luxembourg, we supports our pan-European activities and the implementation of the Single European Sky’s efforts. We also contribute to the SESAR programme by delivering unique high-quality training courses in the areas of

  • Network efficiency
    We are part of the European Network Manager (e.g. ATFM/FMP operations), and have direct access to experts (for example in capacity planning, route networks, etc.) and instructors with long-term and broad experience (for example in OJTI, supervision, etc.),
  • Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) 
    our instructors are involved in various SESAR research or NM deployment programmes and have access to both the project content and programme managers,
  • Safety
    we have direct access to European Safety Programme staff and
  • SES regulation
    our instructors are involved in EASA standardisation visits and in rule drafting.

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Training methods

We have years of experience both in traditional training and in applying innovative methods of delivery as well as other forms of knowledge transfer.

Classroom training

Classroom training has all the advantages of face-to-face communication between trainer and trainee. It makes for a professional exchange with participants from different organisations, and facilitates networking on a European level.
ATM Training courses are held at the Institute in Luxembourg, while Network Operations training courses are held in Brussels. Our courses can also be held at the customer’s premises.


As a method of training, e-learning offers a variety of benefits such as reduced costs and delivery at a pace ideally suited to the students’ individual progress-learning. EUROCONTROL delivers a wide range of e-learning courses, which are accessible worldwide on just a few clicks.


Apart from the general online and classroom courses, the Institute also provides tailor-made courses.

Network operations training

Network Operations training is a sub-set of EUROCONTROL's training courses.  It has been specifically developed to support operational users collaborating with the NMOC (Network Manager Operations Centre in Brussels). Indeed, efficient collaborative decision-making (CDM) requires a high level of knowledge on the part of all operational staff involved, those in NM and in the ATC and aircraft operator communities.


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