Bilateral Agreements for Terminal and Air Navigation Charges

On the basis of a bilateral agreement, States and their ANSPs can draw on the expertise of the CRCO in the calculation, billing, collection and accounting of charges.

At EUROCONTROL, we maintain a comprehensive database with details of aircraft and operators that allows efficient and accurate calculation of charges, including:

  • terminal charges for Member States and
  • air navigation charges for non-Member States.


Become a client and enjoy our:

  • high recovery rate ensuring States and ANSPs a stable cash flow;
  • compliance with the widely accepted ICAO’s charging principles;
  • high quality and timely billing;
  • professional, experienced and multilingual staff with a broad skill-base covering all ATM operations - aircraft and user data, debt recovery, accounting, treasury, finance and IT;
  • efficient processing of claims and clear and easily accessible information on tariffs and charges;
  • permanent monitoring of payments and effective collection measures;
  • full accounting and treasury services including regular financial and operational reports on billing and debt recovery;
  • associated billing and collection costs typically less than 1% of the amounts billed.  

Start using our services

The process of integrating into our route charging system is quite simple - you are just five steps away from benefiting from our services: 

  1. Initiate a bilateral agreement
    You first need to agree to conclude a bilateral agreement and to have in place the legal basis in your national legislation allowing EUROCONTROL to proceed with the billing and collection of charges.
  2. Calculate your cost-base
    We will assists you in calculating the cost base and tariffs, in accordance with ICAO’s policies and, if requested, in consultation with your airspace users.
  3. Set up your process
    We will help to set up your flight data collection and transmission processes. Your air navigation service provider (ANSP) needs to ensure the collection and transmission of flight data to EUROCONTROL.
  4. Conclude the agreement
    Once all that is done, we conclude the agreement further to the EUROCONTROL approval process.
  5. Use our services
    Congratulations! Our billing and collection services are operational shortly after the agreement is signed.

To initiate this process, just contact us.